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May, 17, 2007 AT 5:15 PM


I have just purchased a 2006 Toyota Corolla TTE Compressor. The car has now covered just over 1000 miles and has developed a problem that my local Toyota dealer were unable to find, I hope you might be able to help me get it fixed as I really love the car.

While my wife was happily driving along the motorway on her way to work, the speedometer dropped to 0 mph and the power steering warning light came on, the car was still driving fine however, so she pulled onto the hard shoulder and turned it off for a few moments before restarting the car. She told me she still had the problem and turned it off again and phoned me at home. (I don't know if she tried moving the car on the 2nd occasion or if the speedo was working. But I would say she did)

I drove out to her and we swapped cars, she took my MR2 Roadster and I her Corolla. I drove it to her work and then brought it home (leaving her with the Roadster) I never had any problems except one thing that I noticed. I had the windscreen wipers set at intermittent as there was light rain, and everytime the wiper kicked in (with that familiar " click" ) and swept over the screen, the speedometer would go from my steady 60mph and flick itself upto 65-70mph and then back to the steady 60mph.

I told my wife this and she had also noticed it prior to it flicking upwards (when the wipers went " click" ) and instead of dropping to her current speed, it went to 0mph as I described above.

I have my own thoughts of what the problem could be related to, but I am by no means a mechanic in any way, shape or form, ( I offered my opinion to my local Toyota dealer, but nothing was found), I will keep my thoughts to myself for now as I would be very interested to see if you come up with the same possibilty.

I do appreciate that you are all extremely busy, but I would really be most greatfull if you could take a little bit of your valuable time to help me out. Like I said, I love this car. It is absolutely fantastic and I would hate to have to reject the car later on down the line if this problem can't be resolved.

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May, 17, 2007 AT 5:46 PM

Have the vehicle speed sensor check-the computer needs this signal to control other functions.



May, 17, 2007 AT 6:04 PM

Thanks for the quick response.

The Speed Sensor is exactly what I thought the problem would lie. And you have just confirmed it for me. : )

I had serched a few sites but no-one had the exact symptoms I had (the wipers and power steering light) and with you telling me it needs the speed sensor for other functions it all fits.

Thanks again for taking the time and trouble to answer my question. I'm very greatfull.


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