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Noises problem
1997 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 160000 miles

Hello Sir, I just bought a toyota corolla ce 1997 model. I have noticed that on driving there is always a strange noise coming from the driver's side tyre area between the pad and wheel area. What is responsible for that could it be a shaft bent or the hub and what should I do. Is it possible to get a used part from car dealers for replacement?

Saturday, April 5th, 2008 AT 6:59 PM

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Have the front brakes check as they may be very low and the wear indicator may be making the noise, check for any play in the wheel bearing, there should be none, check the dust boot on the drive shaft, if it is split and there eis grease leaking, have that attended too. Check these things first.

Mark (mhpautos)

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Sunday, April 6th, 2008 AT 1:06 AM

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