Mechanic recently "replaced exhaust valves" entailed: machine head; oil change; replace cat convert; head gasket set; air filter; timing belt; spark plugs; timing cover gasket; dist rotor; dist cap; spark plug wires; oxygen sensor; cat cat converter; ant coolant; oil filter/oil. I have had back for about 1000 miles; about 2 weeks; in this time I have had to add TEN quarts of oil; and other day stop and go I began to run at high temp almost in red; added "stop leak" for radiator as I noticed fluid on inner rim but none under vehicle; since then the smoke billows out during stops; engine temp is little high; and although no fluid under vehicle and radiator and overflow tank were full; I checked after about 200 miles of adding stop leak and fluid spewed throughout engine; even though temps not hitting red when stopped it begins to billow out from hood; I have to add oil everyday; and notice alot of smoke from exhaust while driving; specifically between shifts. I cannot afford anymore work; and although I needed the engine work I never had radiator issue until now. Additionally even though I was using alot of oil before the work; I never used as much as the car needs now; and the car didn't smoke like it is now, I can tell you one of the plugs was not firing; he said it was running on 3 cyl instead of 4; the only plus side is I went from 17 mpg of gas to 37 mpg. Is there a simple fix for the issue I am now having; mechanic not yet informed of most recent radiator issue; but now saying that the extreme smoke may be pistons; additional 1400$ work, also not alot of oil under car; but there is a small leak in oil pan; however that was there before the repair; and once again the car did not take as much oil nor coolant as it is requiring since the repair. Any suggestions. No money left :(
Monday, November 19th, 2007 AT 6:01 AM

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Why don't you have the mechanic perform a wet and dry compression check. Then followed with a leakdown and vacuum check.

This will determine where the oil is leaking thru. Got this funny feeling the combustion chamber is not sealed properly. Coolant could be also entering the C/C. Causing it to rise in temperature.
Was this
Monday, November 19th, 2007 AT 6:26 AM

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