2002 Toyota Camry



October, 14, 2007 AT 7:16 AM

Mileage: 115k
PO115: Coolant Temp Sensor Circuit
PO420: no clue, something to do with catalytic converter, general code for bad o2 emissions or something.
Don't know if it's a non-PZEV emissions engine

I'm having a few physical and intellectual dillemna's here.
I'm getting these 2 check engine codes on my girlfriend's car. The 115 is 420 have been there since January 2007. And i'm just now getting to fixing them. I should mention that the only symptoms I can actually " see" is that the car gets reall, really bad gas mileage. Consumer reports tagged it at 25 miles per gallon which is horrible in itself, but I think I get even less now. The car previously had a badly damaged Serpentine Belt, though I was able to replace that, and since then i've " restarted" the check engine light by taking the negative off the battery for a few minutes.

I've researched and been told a few things and I want some opinions about them.
PO115- replace the sensory, costs around bucks(true) and is located in cyclinder though i've yet to find. Help would be appreciated
PO420- What the hell is this? Lol I've been told to replace my manifold assembly, though which one do I replace. Will that even fix that problem? What about the catalytic converter or my exhaust manifold. Or is that what was meant by " manifold assembly"?
Also, this car is 5 years old however when she bought it, it had somewhere around 70k miles. She's since moved across country(vegas -> Florida) and doesn't know how to converse gas worth a cow's patty. Is this what I should expect from now on? I mean is there anything that a simple guy(23 yr old) can do to maintain a car or is it inevitable to fork out my paycheck and some more to fix what really are minor issues when it comes to very complicated piece of machinery. I'm willing to fix anything myself but the further into " auto repair" I get the more pricey it is to learn to fix and buy the tools and parts to repair.

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October, 14, 2007 AT 9:08 AM

Apparently toyota had a recall for this model, and the only solution to the PO420 code is to replace the exhaust manifold which contains the catalytic converter, and re-calibrate the ECU. Toyota covers this within an 8 year or 80k warranty. Apparently you aren't supposed to drive more than 10000 MILES A YEAR, **** YOU TOYOTA. IWE, welding engineers said that the converter is a defect. The tungsten or whatever compound the plates are, are not of purity or something like that. I am screwed. Any confirmation or additional info on this will be appreciated.



October, 18, 2007 AT 8:38 PM

Your sure its not p01155? My guess is that it is. This is for the air/fuel ratio sensor. This vehicle is outfitted with an air/fuel ratio sensor instead of an oxygen sensor. They do the same job but the a/f sensor is much more precise. Chances are this was the first problem and it lead to the catalytic converter going bad. Chances are that if the a/f sensor was changed as soon as it went bad the cat wouldn't of went bad. Cat failure is very uncommon on toyotas. I service tons of toyotas.

As for the " recall". Its not a recall and its not toyota only. Catalytic converters are warrantied for 8 years 80k miles as per the federal government.

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