Toyota Camry



March, 11, 2007 AT 7:29 AM

Hey guys. Just seeing if there are known issues with the 94 Camry with maybe steering column or if there are any specific problem areas with a severe shake upon accelleration.I feel nothing when applying brakes, at all, nothing in the steering wheel when I let off the gas, but when I gas it I can literallly seee the body of my car(hood, front end thru winshield)shaking what looks to be back and forth about a half inch.I think it is noticeable from others' vehicles, but they dont seem to be focusing on my tires, (when they look)rather that my car is shaking(probably just an OVER analyzation)have had alignment, tires rotated, new tires. Twice. My shocks in the back seem really low. Could that cause a problem. Maybe some kind of transaxle up front?Steering seems loose as it is. HELP. They want to trial and error fix my car, charging me ewhether it fixes the problem or not, its becoming expensive.


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March, 11, 2007 AT 9:34 AM

There can be worn or damaged inbord and outboard cv joints. Check the wheel allignment, excessive toe in could also make the vibration

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