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June, 21, 2006 AT 9:45 AM

I have a 92 camry, 154,000 miles and it idle's high when the car gets hot. I have had it sent to the Toyota Dealership about 4 times, and it still idles. They have replaced everything possible. When I am at a light, it will sound rough and it gets to a slow start. I plan on taking it back to the dealership, any suggestions on what they should check. I am a woman, so I need to know what I am talking about.

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November, 6, 2006 AT 2:53 PM

Dear Jake,
Your mechanic should be able to extract codes using a code scanner for OBD 1. They will be stored in cars PCM. I have a 95 escort (115, 00 miles ) : D that has the same problem. I extracted 2 codes 172 (o2 indicating lean bank #1) and code 186( injected pulsewidth higher than expected) I cleaned the fuel injectors and this help a bit but did not solve the problem. The check engine light still comes on. I now suspect the fuel filter, fuel pump and 02 senor. I need to run more test but will let you know what happens. If the fuel system test ok I think I wil replace to 02 senor. It has never been replaced. Hope this helps : D



November, 6, 2006 AT 3:12 PM

Thank you.

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