1994 Toyota Camry



May, 27, 2007 AT 4:07 PM

I have a code P1300 from the code reader. I can I break the individual errors down even farther w/o having to buy a ECM, Igniter or Coils as everything is very expensive to buy just to troubleshoot. Thanks

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May, 27, 2007 AT 4:31 PM

Random Misfire

A random misfire code can be set on newer vehicles with OBD II onboard diagnostics when multiple misfires occur randomly in multiple cylinders. The cause is typically a vacuum leak in the intake manifold, throttle body or vacuum plumbing, a defective Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve that is leaking exhasut into the intake manifold, or even bad gasoline. Less common causes include bad spark plug wires, worn or fouled spark plugs, a weak ignition coil, dirty fuel injectors, low fuel pressure, or weak valve springs. If a misfire is occuring in only one or two cylinders, you will usually find a misfire code for that specific cylinder rather than a random misfire code.

Hope this helps-Good Luck

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