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2007 Toyota Camry Two Wheel Drive Automatic 49000 miles

The check engine light came on and the codes are P043e, P043F, P2401, P2419, P2402. There are srvice bullentins for those codes and problems, what do they mean and will have to pay out of pocket for fix?HELP

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Monday, November 24th, 2008 AT 1:05 PM

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You have a problem with your car's EVAP system. This is a self monitoring system that controls, contains and purges (sent to the engine to be burned) the fuel vapor that exists in the fuel system. It is an emission control system that is covered differently depending on the drivetrain and emission rating-hybrid Camrys are covered for 180 months or 150,000 miles as are PZEV (partial zero emission vehicles) 4 cyl Camrys. 6cyls and non PZEVs are only covered for 3years or 36,000 miles. If your car is CAL (California) spec emissions that was sold, registered and operated in California, Maine, Massachussetts or Vermont, It will be covered for 84 months or 70,000 miles. The repair may involve replacing the EVAP charcoal canister and/ or fuel tank. The TSB is saying that the problem should manifest itself within the first 10,000 miles-- you have considerably more than this. Hopefully your car has a previous history of this problem, and you have a good relationship with a reputable dealer.

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Monday, November 24th, 2008 AT 7:17 PM

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