2000 Toyota Camry Tilres, Oil-Change, Differential, Automat

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Tires and Wheels problem
2000 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 100890 miles

You may call me a complete novice in the car business. I got the very first car of my life and knows nothing about the technical terms. So I have many many trivial questions but seek your help in understanding, my questions are as follows:

1. What should be the air pressure in the front and read tires of car?

2. What is the best place to get the oil-change, differential oil change, tune-up? What is the meaning of Differential Tune up?

3. Also, the best place for Automatic Transmission Fluid inspection.

4. How do I maintain my car so that I get the best and maximum possilbe mileage per gallon of gas. I have a Toyota Camry CE, year 2000 model.

5. Are there some of the things that I can do myself in regular maintenance? Is there information available for this on How To Do?

6. Please suggest a good reliable and economical place for oil-change, engine tune up and other regular maintenance.



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Saturday, April 12th, 2008 AT 11:55 PM

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You can find a ton of information here:

IF you look on the driver's door jamb. you'll find a sticker that will give the tire pressures as recommended by Toyota.

As far a a shop, I would suggest finding one that is an independent shop that is good at troubleshooting technical problems. Ask around the town at parts stores, the local snap on rep etc.
Having a good relationship with a small shop will pay off in the long run. IF you take your car to a different place continuosly, you'll likely end up with more problems and doubling some work or doing things you don't need done. Stay away from the chains...monroe, midas, firestone etc.

Decide what you are capable of doing and between the manual and this site, we can get you through most of the maintenance.

Thr transmision fluid and differential fluid (if equiped) is just a matter of draining and refilling. I never heard the term differential tune-up, sounds like an added on sale that is changing the fluid.

What is your current miles per gallon?

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Sunday, April 13th, 2008 AT 7:15 AM

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