1996 Toyota Camry



March, 13, 2008 AT 7:47 PM

Engine Performance problem
1996 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 149000 miles

I have a 96 model camry that I bought when it had 96K miles on it. Now it has 149K. Sad but true, I have never serviced it. After four years of just pouring gas and timely oil change, my oldie has now started giving problems.

It tends to stall at signal. To stop it from not doing I have to put extra pressure on the gas pedal. When I park it and change the gear to " P" , engine suddenly revs upto 2500 rpm. I cant see it crying so loud so I turn I off.

Well, I see that this website has lot of experts. Do you think I should go for a repair or simply see the slow death. If I go for repair, what should I be telling to the mechanic because I dont want a grocery list of items. I know it is a old vehicle and might be having 1000 of old parts in it. I want to fix only the part that will fix this problem. Everything else works great in the vehicle.

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April, 5, 2008 AT 10:32 PM

I have this exact problem with my Camry. And I have looked on this forum and found 3 others with same post. But no solid solution.

Best response I have found is it may be the distributor coil.

I replaced mine and it didn't seem to fix the problem. However, I bought a used one and didn't replace the small o-ring which is required per repair instructions. I may have replaced my problem with another problem. I don't want to go through this again if this isn't the cause of the issue.

Hopefully an answer will arise on these threads soon.



April, 9, 2008 AT 8:11 PM

I have changed the temperature sensor and for now it looks better. Need to see if it really resolved the problem.



May, 21, 2008 AT 10:29 PM

Hello Mukesh,
Did replacing the temp. Sensor solved the engine problem? My camry(almost same spec) is also having the same exact problem and now I don't know whether should I go for another car or repair my camry and see.



October, 17, 2008 AT 11:20 PM

Hi All,

I have the same problem with a 98 cam. Has anyone found a solution for this problem?

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