1995 Toyota Camry



December, 23, 2006 AT 8:00 AM

Car is a 1995 Toyota Camry with 175,000 miles

Cheif Complaint: Car is spitting and sputtering at 2200 rpm's.

History of present problem: For about a month now, car has been spitting and sputtering (or hesitating) on the highway around 2200 rpms. Hesitation improves when slowing down below 2000 rpm's and excellerating past 2500 rpms. It seems to only happen in the higher gears. Hesitation is not reproducible in lower gears or in neutral. Seems to be worse when traveling uphill. Car has rebuilt automatic transmission which in the past has slipped a few times when placed in drive. That problem improved with added fluid. There is a bit of a rattle heard when gas pedal is engaged all the way during excelleration.

Previous History: Car had a rebuilt automatic transmission installed March 2004.

Other problems: None

Exam: Transmission fluid found on garage floor on cars right, though transmission is on the left. Unable to get to lines to check if there is a line leak. Transmission fluid is full. Could not reproduce " spit and sputter" or " hesitation" in neutral or in 1st gear. Car seems to hesitate more once car is hot, and less when its cold.

Question - Could this be a line leak problem, some sort of pressure issue. Or is this more likely to be a problem in the transmission internally, such as bad rings? Or does this sound unrelated to transmission all together, possibly fuel injectors?

Thanks for your help.



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December, 23, 2006 AT 3:52 PM

Last Tuned-up and any OBD2 codes from the computer?


captain hank

December, 24, 2006 AT 12:38 AM

To answer one of your question, the fluid you see on the right side is probably power steering fluid. I've seen alot of power steering components leaking in older model Toyotas. Sounds like you need a complete tuneup, including ignition cables.



December, 24, 2006 AT 7:56 AM

Thanks for your responses. Last tune up was also March 04. I will attempt to retrieve the OBD codes. I found a website that explains how to do this.

It may just need a tune up, as the captain mentioned, which I will probably go ahead and have done. I will check steering fluid in an attempt to explain the leak on the garage floor.

Any explanation of the hesistation only between 2000 and 2500 rpms?

Thanks again for your help.



December, 24, 2006 AT 2:09 PM

What year? Also attempt to check the actual fuel pressure at that RPM



January, 4, 2007 AT 5:41 AM

We removed the spark plugs and one looked a little rugged. We replaced all 4 spark plugs and the hesitation went away. Since that time, I also took it into the shop and had the fuel injectors cleaned as well. They were certainly due. I am still not sure why a bad spark plug wouldnt cause hesistation in all gears and even neutral instead of just the overdrive gear. Any ideas?

I will post again if this does not end up being a permanent fix, but it seems to have done the job.


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