2005 Toyota Camry



October, 5, 2006 AT 9:46 AM

I have an 05 camry 4 cyl. 30k miles. I had a prblem of it wobbling so I replaced the tires and the car still wobbles. I got it aligned and rebalanced 3 times. I was told the balancing is fine and that there may be a problem in the engine or suspension or something like that. Does anyone have any idea of what the prblem would be?

i appreciate all the help


3 Answers



October, 7, 2006 AT 4:55 AM

Have your front suspension components check and have it align.


francis 180

October, 15, 2006 AT 1:05 AM

G'day vap need to be more specific with the details mate. What conditions surround the wobble what speeds when etc. Oh what a feeling : D



October, 28, 2006 AT 12:27 PM

Hey francis

the wheels shake alot from speeds greater than 75-80 mph. The stearing doesnt seem to shake. The vibrations just come from the front. When I brake fairly fast or hard as well I get vibrations and then the stearing wobbles as well this time. The car has 33k miles and I need to get it fixed before 36k miles for it to be under warranty. The dealership says theres nothing wrong with the car and the technician said there was something wrong with me and that I needed a BMW and not a camry. !

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