2001 Toyota Avalon



January, 16, 2008 AT 11:26 AM

Electrical problem
2001 Toyota Avalon 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 96000 miles

my avalon keeps having electrical problems. If I left my car sit for more then 48 hours it will be dead and not start unless I jump start it. And then it will be fine until I let it sit again. I thought it might have ben the battery so I bought a new on and the same thing still happens. I also tried unhooking the battery after I had it started to see maybe if it was the alternator but it kept running. I know that is a old fashion way of testing but. Do you have any idea what could be causing this issue? The car is completely stock no after market radio or anything as is


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January, 16, 2008 AT 11:33 AM

The first thing I always check is the glove box light, trunk light and map lights. One might be on by accident. Feedback greatly appreciated.



January, 17, 2008 AT 10:12 AM

I have the same problem. Battery near death after two days of non use. The only thing that appears to be on is the flashing theft deterent light on the dashboard. I was about to go out and buy a new battery. Hope someone else has found the solution. Help!



January, 17, 2008 AT 11:43 AM

Duaned2 check your lights also. You would be surprised how many map lights I find left on causing this problem. The theft light can not cause your draw, they run on such little power, that light could stay on for a year without your battery dying



February, 3, 2013 AT 1:59 PM

DId anyone ever find a solution tot he battery draw down problem? I am conswidering buying a used 2001 Toyota but has same exact issues - my regular mechanic wondered if it was due to an after market car alarm, but it is not.



February, 25, 2014 AT 3:09 PM

Amazing to hear someone had same symptom. Hammered the Toyota folks and incredibly they found the issue. There is a switch at the trunk latch mechanism that controls the Trunk light. The switch was worn and believe it or not that bloody light was the culprit in draining the battery. Luckily can be replaced without getting the latch as well which would of cost $250+but the switch was only like $50 plus labor total $100

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