Timing belt replacement instructions please?

  • 2003 HONDA PILOT
  • 3.5L
  • 5 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 179,000 MILES
My vehicle made a clank noise and then stopped running and won't start. It sounds funny when I try to start it (fast) and my tachometer does not move. Is it timing belt?
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have the same problem?
Friday, January 15th, 2021 AT 8:14 AM

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Don't crank the engine you can cause more damage. To make sure if the engine belt broken remove upper belt cover check fig 1, you can see clearly if the belt is out of place. Here is the complete procedure for valve timing procedure.

1. Turn the crankshaft so its white mark(A)lines up with the pointer(B)check (fig1) below.

2. Check that the #1 piston top dead center on the front camshaft pully and the pointer (B)on the front upper cover are aligned. Check( fig2) bellow.

3. Remove the front wheels.

4. Removethe splash shield. Check (fig3) below.

5. Remove the alternator compressor belt.

6. Loosen the adjusting nut(A), locknut(B) and mounting bolt(C), then remove the power steering pump belt(D). Check (fig 4) below.

7. Support the engine with a jack and wood block under the oil pan.

8. Remove the side engine mount bracket. Check (fig 5)

9. Remove the dipstick and tube(A) discard the O ring(B). Check (fig6).

10. Remove the crankshaft pully.

11. Remove the front upper cover(A)and rear upper cover. Check (fig7).

12. Remove the lower cover. Check (fig8).

13. Remove one of the battery clamp bolts from the battery tray, and grind the endo fit as shown. Check(fig9).

14. Screw the battery clamp bolt in as shown to hold the timing belt adjuster in its current position. Tighten it by hand, do not use a wrench. Check (fig10).

15. Remove the engine mount bracket. Check(fig11)

16. Loosen the idler pulley bolt(A)about five or six turns. Then remove the timing belt. Check (fig12).


1. Clean timing belt pulleys, timing belt guide plate, and the upper lower covers.

2. Set the timing belt drive pully to top dead center by aligning the TDC mark(A)on the tooth of the timing belt drive pully with the pointer (B) on the oil pump. Check (fig13).

3. Set the camshaft pulleys to TDC by aligning the TDC mark(A)on the camshaft pulleys with the pointer (B)on the back cover. Check (fig14and fig 15).

4. Remove the battery clamp bolt from the back cover.

5. Remove the auto tensioner.

6. Align the holes on the rod and housing of the auto tensioner. Check (fig16).

7. Use a hydraulic press to slowly compress the auto tensioner. Insert 2.0mm(o, o8 inch)pin through the housing and the rod.

8. Intall the auto tensioner. Check (fig 17).

9. Install the timing belt in a counterclockwise sequence starting with the drive pully. Check(fig18).

10. Tighten the idler pully bolt. Check fig(19).

11. Remove the pin from the auto tensioner. Check (fig 20).

12. Install engine mount bracket.(Fig 11)

13. Install the timing belt guide plate as shown, check (fig 21)

14. Install the lower cover.

15. Install the front upper cover A and rear cover B.

16. Install the crankshaft pully.

17. Rotate the crankshaft pulley about five to six turns clockwise so the timing belt positions on the pulleys.

18. Turn the crankshaft pulley so its white mark A lines up with the pointer B.

19. Check the camshaft pulley marks. Check(fig2 and fig22)
if the camshaft marks are at TDC go to step20,
if the camshaft pulley marks not at TDC remove the timing belt and repeat steps 2 through 16.

20. Install the dipstick and the tube with new o ring.

21. Install and adjust the power steering pump belt.

21. Install the alternator belt.

22. Install the alternator belt.

23. Install the side engine mount bracket, then the mounting bolts in the numbered sequence shown. Check fig23

lets us know if you need more help.

Thank you.
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