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  • 2.0L
  • 4 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 115,236 MILES
I replaced the timing belt on my car and I want to make sure I got the timing set correctly. I had to remove the crankshaft pulley because two of the pulley bolts heads were stripped and had to be drilled out. I replaced the crankshaft pulley with new bolts and aligned the pulley to the timing mark to the cover plate for the crankshaft sprocket. The manual says to align the crankshaft using the small viewing hole on the transmission or gearbox however I cannot find such a view hole. I lined up the camshaft pulley with the OT mark and installed the timing belt by rotating the camshaft forward. So the crankshaft timing mark is aligned but the camshaft timing mark is off by more than half a tooth to a full tooth. I have done this three times and cannot seem to get both timing marks on the mark. Can someone please give me the best method and steps to do this with good pictures? My manual does not do a very good job.
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Hi and thanks for using 2CarPros. Com.

I have attached the directions right from Alldata for belt removal and replacement. Additionally, I have attached several pictures which correlate with the directions as a guide. I believe picture 7 is what you are referring to.


Conversion calculator:

2003 Volkswagen New Beetle (1C1) L4-2.0L (AVH)
Vehicle Engine, Cooling and Exhaust Engine Timing Belt Service and Repair Removal and Replacement
Removal and replacement:
Camshaft drive belt, removing, installing and tensioning
(Adjusting timing)
Special tools and equipment
Engine support bridge -10-222 A- (guide -10-222 A/21- changing)
Adapter -10-222 A/8-
Torque wrench -V.A.G. 1331-
Torque wrench -V.A.G. 1332-
Pin wrench -T10020-
Changing the Engine Support Bridge - 10-222 A- Guide - 10-222-A/21 -
The engine support bridge -10-222 A- is needed to support the engine/transmission subassembly.
A new bore is required for securing the adapter -10-222 A/8- to the guide
A new bore is required to fasten 10-222 A/8 adapter to 10-222 A/21 guide.
Drill one hole 12.5 mm diameter -arrow- in 10-222 A/21 guide.
Remove right noise insulation cover.
Remove engine cover.
Remove ribbed belt
Remove ribbed belt tensioning element.
Remove the coolant expansion tank (the coolant hoses remain connected).
Romove upper toothed belt guard.
Bring camshaft gear to marking for TDC cyl.1 by turning crankshaft. Marking on camshaft gear must align with arrow on ribbed belt guard -arrows-.
Mount the engine support bridge -10-222 A- with the feet -10-222 A/8 as illustrated.
Remove the subframe -1- as follows:
Remove the bolts -arrows-.
Loosen the bolt -arrow A-.
The subframe may only be removed if the engine is supported by the engine support bridge - 10-222-A -
The engine branket must first be loosened only when the support frame is removed.
Remove the Vibration damper/belt pulley.
Remove the engine carrier from the cylinder block
To loosen the front engine mount bracket bolt, the engine be slightly lifted by the engine support bridge.
Remove the center part and the lower part of the toothed belt guard.
Mark direction of the rotation of the toothed belt.
Loosen the tensioning roller and remove the toothed belt.
Then, turn the crankshaft back slightly.

The piston must not be at TDC; if necessary, turn the crankshaft slighly backward.
Mount the toothed belt on the crankshaft sprocket and the coolant pump (pay attention to the direction of rotation)
With the engine removed beforehand, install the lower toothed belt guard as well as the vibration dampne/belt pulley.
Valve Timing, Adjusting
When turning camshaft, crankshaft must not be at TDC. Valves and/or pistons may be damaged.
Align the marking on the camshaft gear with the marking on the toothed belt guard -arrows- With Engine Installed
Position crankshaft at TDC cylinder 1 (vehicles with manual transmission).
Turn crankshaft to cyl. 1 TDC -arrow-. (Vehicles with automatic transmission).
With Engine Removed:
Turn vibration damper to cyl. 1 TDC -arrows-.
Continuation For Both
Lay toothed belt on tensioner and camshaft gear.
Toothed Belt, Tensioning
The Engine must be no more than warm to the touch.
Crankshaft is at TDC, cylinder 1.
Before tensioning the toothed belt, turn the tensioning roller eccentric pulley using the pin wrench -T10020- five times all the way in both directions.
Tension camshaft drive belt. Do this by turning eccentric to left (direction of arrow) with 2-hole pin wrench T 10020 onto stop.
Release the toothed belt tension until the notch -1- and indicator -2- align. (Check using mirror).
Tighten securing nut to 20 Nm (15 ft. Lbs.)
Continue turning crankshaft two turns in the direction of engine rotation until the engine is again at TDC cyl. 1. When doing this it is important that the last 45°(1/8 turn) turn is performed without stopping.
Check the direction one more time, specified value: arrow and notch are aligned.
Continuation, Installing the Complete Toothed Belt
Install center and lower part of the toothed belt cover.
Install the vibration damper/belt pulley, torque securing bolts to 25 Nm (19 ft. Lbs)
Install engine bracket on cylinder block, torque securing bolts to 45 Nm (33 ft. Lbs).
Before installing engine bracket, insert bolts in bracket.
Before the assembly mounting can be installed, all bolts for bracket must be tightened to 45 Nm (33 ft. Lbs).
Install subframe mount for engine for engine completely.
Align subframe and transmission mounts.
Remove engine support bridge -10-222 A-.
Install toothed belt cover.
Install ribbed belt tensioner. Tighten to 25 Nm (18 ft. Lbs).
Install ribbed belt.
Install coolant expansion tank.
Install engine cover.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions.

Take care,
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