2000 Other Suzuki Models ignition coil

  • 2000 SUZUKI
Electrical problem
2000 Other Suzuki Models Two Wheel Drive Manual 102400 miles

I have suzuki every F6A engine three cylinder van &
experienced egnition coil burnt two consecutive occasions. Pls. Give me some idea. Thanks
Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 AT 7:21 AM

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2000 F6A?
What model car,
what motor, I4, V6, displacement on motor?

Car data is indexed by car model no motor SN prefix.
My motor is G16T

ok I found F6 in WIKI. (Thank gosh for wiki)

your car is out side of N. America ( nice to know, huh)
660 CC, (no typo , smaller than my Motorcycle)

Suzuki Cappuccino? Guessing. SX306
3 cylinders.
Has old fashion (by usa stds)
Distributor and out side coil.

My Opinion, on coil burn up : (electronics is my job)

1: driving past (too far) service points.
Not replacing cap and rotor and wires when you should and,

what happens is this.
Lets say a HV wire opens. Especially the cap center wire
this allows secondary ignition to rise above 50,000 volts. (Illegal), this causes the coil high voltage windings (internal coil) to flash over on to primary windings. This destroys the insulation on the coil.

Solution: tune the car up. On schedule.
No wires, cap or rotor (and plugs) should run over 60k miles.

Possible #2

the ignitor is defect and sometimes sticks ON.
These over heats the primary of the coil and WILL burn it up. Replace Igniter in Distibutor base.

This information is in the ASE Master mech book.
Under loading or overloading the HV ignition can have bad effects on coil or Igniter.

Hope this help you and others.
Was this
Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 AT 1:06 PM

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