2002 Subaru Outback



July, 8, 2008 AT 7:55 AM

Smells problem
2002 Subaru Outback 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 111000 miles

My 2002 Subaru Outback 3.0 has recently begun emitting a burning rubber smell detectable around the front right quarter after parking the vehicle, as if it's coming from the wheel. When I open the hood, it's quite noticable. This began with the onset of warm weather and using the A/C but seems to be unrelated to its running.


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July, 12, 2008 AT 1:25 AM

My 2002 had the same problem on about the same day and I originally thought is was an air conditioning problem as well. Looking down at the rubber cv boot on the drive shaft to the front right wheel I discovered a large tear in it and that all of the grease that was being held on the union joint had been flung all over including on the muffler, which was causing the burning smell.
Good luck


Bucket seat

August, 3, 2008 AT 4:18 PM

Say, JJacobson - how much did the repair cost for the ripped rubber CV boot? I just had the exACT same thing show up on my 2003 Ouback today. Ug.




October, 2, 2008 AT 3:54 PM

I also have a torn boot, and am experiencing the same smelly problem. I can smell oil burning sometimes when I turn my a/c on, and when I exit the vehicle after driving. I understand that the grease from the boot is probebly burning when it hits my exhaust, but my oil level also keeps dropping.I can see grease on the opposite side of the engine from the torn boot, could I possibly have an oil leak somewhere as well-or am I just smelling the grease from the boot? And is it smarter to replace the entire cv axle if the boot has been torn for a couple months?

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