Struts and shocks. Tune-up and spark plug problems

  • 2002 LINCOLN LS
  • 130,000 MILES
I want to know average rates? I think need struts or shocks dont know which one or what the difference between them is. When I bought the car it had spark plug problems and it is not hesitate on the highway. I think it needs a tune up but im not sure. Please help
Sunday, April 21st, 2013 AT 1:01 PM

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We also do not know if it needs a tune-up or if there is some other problem. We don't know if it needs shock absorbers or struts. Shock absorbers a simple hydraulic devices that make it hard for the wheels to bounce up and down. A strut is a structural part of the suspension system that has the shock absorber built in.

There's no way we can know the labor rates in your area. We also don't know if you have the common and inexpensive shock absorbers in the rear or if you have special load-leveling shock absorbers as part of a system. Ford has used a number of expensive designs, then done a very poor job of making repair parts available years later. The aftermarket industry has addressed that shortcoming by providing retrofit kits to allow those cars to be repaired.

Any repair shop can inspect your car, find out what it needs, and give you an estimate for the total cost of repairs.
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Sunday, April 21st, 2013 AT 4:21 PM

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