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November, 5, 2008 AT 5:21 PM

Suspension problem
2004 Saturn Vue 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 65000 miles

I was told by a tire shop that they were unable to align my front wheels because the frame was bent. They provide me a print out that indicated the differences. They did not do frame work so they were not going to make money on this information. Since the car was in a collison several months earlier, I calledmy insurance company. They sent me to a repair shop and had an adjuster to look at it. The body shop and the adjuster said it was bent but I would have to return it to the shop who repaired it before. So I did. That shop says the frame is not bent and says they have aligned the front end. Their explanation is the Saturn does not have any specifications for the front caster adjsutment so the print out from the first shop is meaningless concerning the caster and the caster deviation shown on their printout is also meaningless. Is that accurate?


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November, 5, 2008 AT 6:31 PM


Well a lot here. The repair shop to me if I understand you correctly is mixing words. As for your car, there is no adjustment on the caster. That is correct.

However, there is more you can measure the caster since it says If the front caster angle is not within specifications so that tells me there is a measurement and the printouts can be looked at.

Now the rest of the story is the statement says, inspect for suspension support misalignment or front suspension damage. Replace any damaged suspension components as necessary. This is saying that if there is any damage suspension parts, replace so that the caster falls within specs.

The problem I see is your suspension may be okay, but if the frame is bent that is throwing the caster off.

So, you will have to get the frame straighten to bring the caster within specs. If the insurance company sent you to that repair shop, then the insurance company should be able to tell them to straighten the frame or refer you to someone that can to fix the caster.

This from the repair manual: Front Caster Adjustment. The front caster is not adjustable. If the front caster angle is not within specifications, inspect for suspension support misalignment or front suspension damage. Replace any damaged suspension components as necessary.

I would think the insurance company again, would be able to use the same repair shop and they would send it out to get the frame straight then they would double check to ensure the caster in within limits. Or, the insurance company would refer you to a frame shop.

I hope this helps.



November, 6, 2008 AT 1:41 PM

Thank you for the information. I have called the insurance company again. After additional reseach I found that even though the caster adjustment can not be corrected by a wheel alignment, I do need to insist that it be corrected. My research said, just as you did, that the caster measurement " indicates that something is worn or bent, possibily from an accident, and must be repaired or replaced.&Quot; Thanks again for you help.




November, 6, 2008 AT 5:15 PM

We hope it works out for the best for you HHH -

Glad we could help

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