1998 Saturn SL2 Engine running warm, A/C won't work, pwr wi

  • 1998 SATURN SL2
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 163,400 MILES
The first issue I have at this time is a problem with the car running a little hot. Since I've had the car, I have replaced the transmission (about 5700 miles and over a year ago), serpentine belt tensioner (and belt), and I recently put on a new valve cover gasket and changed out the coolant temp sensor.
What I'm noticing now is that in traffic, the car runs a little warm. Usually, the temperature does not rise above 1/4 of the gauge (even in the heat of last summer this was not a problem). But now, the heat is registering about 1/2 on the guage. Now, when I'm driving along the road it stays lower, but when I stop at a light or am in stop and go traffic, it starts to get hot. I believe my coolant is fine, but will check again. I haven't noticed whether or not the cooling fan is running, and I'm praying it's not the water pump.
The next question involves the Air Conditioning unit. Everything is hooked up, and the compressor looks to be rather new. But when I hit the a/c button on the car, the compressor does not kick on. Fuses are in good condition, however I do not know whether or not the relay is good (how can I check this?).

And finally, I am having an issue with the Power Windows. The windows on the passenger side are working, the ones on the driver side do not work. When I depress the button, there is no battery draw whatsoever. No motor sound or anything. I did notice that the driver's window is a bit off track, but the rear window is fine. Could the switch be bad? Or do I need to take the door panel off and check the motor/regulators? Where are the screws to remove the center console to get to the switch?
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Thursday, April 8th, 2010 AT 2:18 PM

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starting with ur running hot sounds normal to me they run up into the half way point this is normal.when ur stop and go or idle the air u would have comming thur the radiator is from ur fan untill this turns on u have no air flow thats why the temp gauge goes up if it didnt i would suspect u have a bad thermostate letting the coolant circulate all the time.as for ur a/c if u want to check ur fuse relay and a/c compressor clutch and radiator cooling fan all in on shot.then start and let ur car idle then go behind ur underhood fuse area on ur a/c line u will see a high/low sensor screwed into the line with two wires going to it.make sure something didnt chew the wires up if so then u will have to make a repair there before u go any further.if all is good then unplug that connector be sure to remove the little plastic lock tab first if its still there.then jump those two terminals together the radiator cooling fan should come on along with ur a/c compressor.then u know all that is good.check that out most likely u just have a low charge in the a/c system.as far as ur window switch ur working too hard u dont have to remove ur center console to get to ur wires or to remove the switch.there is a retaining tab on the back of the switch behind the power mirror switch control.take a couple of small pocket screwdrivers to release the tabs place the screwdrivers between the console and switch.as far as ur rear window goes have someone work the window switch for that window up and down and u listen for the motor running up and down at the door if it does then u have a broken plastic retaining clip on the regulator.u can get the plastic clip seperate from regualtor at the dealer much cheaper then the whole regulator.i also post a window wire diagram for u.let me know what u find.
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Thursday, April 8th, 2010 AT 4:00 PM

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