2003 Saturn Ion code P1599

  • 2003 SATURN ION

Engine Performance problem
2003 Saturn Ion 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive

the car stalls while at full eccelaration, engine diagnostic meassage dtc p1599

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Saturday, January 10th, 2009 AT 12:38 PM

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Here is some info, is this vehicle auto or stick shift? This info is for auto trans:Some customers may comment that the vehicle is exhibiting one or more of the following conditions:

" Reduced power

" Transaxle not down shifting

" SES light on

" Buzz noise from door speaker(s)

" Speaker(s) inoperative

" HVAC blower motor inoperative

" A/C compressor commanded OFF with vehicle speed (evaporator temperature sensor circuit 719 and/or 731 may be open)

These conditions may be intermittent. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) P0223, P0504, P0700, P1228, P1271, P1280, P1599, P1779, P1791, P2119, P2101, P2128, P2135, or P2138 may also be present.

The instrument panel/body inline connector (black 40-pin electrical connector), located behind the left hinge pillar garnish molding, may have bent or corroded terminals.

Disconnect and inspect the instrument panel/body inline connector (black 40-pin electrical connector). If necessary, replace damaged terminals and apply dielectric grease to the connector.

Starting at the left hinge pillar garnish, pull upward to disengage the attaching clips.
Reach under the instrument panel and pull upwards to disengage the additional clips and remove the molding from the vehicle.

Disconnect the instrument panel/body inline connector (black 40-pin electrical connector).
Inspect the connector for bent or corroded terminals.
Important: If no corrosion or bent terminals are found, proceed to Step 7 and follow trouble code diagnostics in the service manual or SI.

Remove any bent or corroded pins from the connector.
Install the new terminal cut lead (verify correct size using connector/harness face views and electrical schematics in the appropriate service manual or SI).
Pack the connector terminals with dielectric grease in order to prevent any further corrosion.
Connect the instrument panel/body inline connector (black 40-pin electrical connector).
Install the molding.
Post back with any other questions.

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Saturday, January 10th, 2009 AT 12:59 PM

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