2000 SAAB 9-5 Engine light turned on

  • 2000 SAAB 9-5
Engine Performance problem
2000 Saab 9-5 6 cyl Automatic

The other day while driving my car, engine light turned on. I took it to see the code, they said it was P0455. They turned it off and after a day or two it turned on again. I checked the gas cap, gas tank is not leaking, I don't smell gas anywhere. I'm not sure what else could it be and how to check/repair it without paying too much. How do I find the emission sensor and check if it's ok? And what about valve?
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Monday, November 17th, 2008 AT 7:45 PM

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Hello -

If you need to get back with us please let me know if this is a SE Sedan or SE Wagon and this is a 3.0L turbo engine. Yes?

Next, the P0455 code is a major leak. I would purchase a new gas cap first, replace it and clear the codes.

Then look over the fuel vapor system really well, hoses etc. There is a vapor canister on the front of the car and one on the fuel tank. Have you hit anything lately, even a curb really hard?

Looks like you may have some recalls on your vehicle but I want to make sure which vehicle it is. The dealer may fix these for free so let me know the exact model/engine.

Again, do the gas cap thing first, clear all codes which, if you go to Auto Zone or O'Reilly's they do this for FREE they can pull the codes to the car. Most important: Once they check your codes, if they find something and you don't get it fixed and need to get back with us, please make sure you tell us exactly what the code was, number and all. Example, if the code was E0568 O2 Sensor bad. Then make sure you give us all of that. If it is the same code, have them clear it, put the new gas cap on, then start the vehicle and see what happens. While there for FREE also they can bring their tester out and check your battery, alternator and starter.

Okay, let me know.
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Monday, November 17th, 2008 AT 8:32 PM

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