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1957 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, 100,000 miles. The brake pedal goes freely to within about 1 inch of the floor before resistance is felt. The brakes do work but require considerable pressure before being effective. Can the brake rod be adjusted? How far should the pedal travel before taking effect?How does the servo work? I have had the system checked but
no fault is apparent. What would you suggest?Your comments will be very much appreciated

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Sunday, April 1st, 2007 AT 5:45 AM

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There are no fluid leaks in the system? It sounds like the master cylinder might be by-passing internally. When the seal goes it will by-pass the pressure internally instead of greating pressure in the brake lines. Pedal should only travel a little bit (1 or 2 inches ) before the car begins to stop. If the rod wasnt removed, adjusting it probably wont help

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Sunday, April 1st, 2007 AT 7:57 AM

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