1999 Renault Laguna



May, 7, 2008 AT 12:59 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Renault Laguna 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 115000 miles

I have just bought one and after 2 days there was a loud rattling noise in engine, one of the timing belt tensioners had broke, still drove 200 miles home, it drove perferct, had someone to change it and redo the timing, he reckons the valves are bent, would they all be gone as she was driving fine and how much am I looking at being as the timing belt and tensioners are already new and I wont need them, is it worth fixing?Thankyou

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May, 7, 2008 AT 1:46 AM

Hi there,

there is no way to really know how much damage is done. A comp test will be a good place to start, but if it has bent valves, you will have to have the head removed and dismantled to check for all the damage, as guides could also be damaged,

Mark (mhpautos)

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