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I started my car earlier today, and it started funny, then I noticed that the windows didnt work, and my gauges didnt either, nor was my mileage counting. And the AC doesnt work aswell. But the car runs. No problems running except the lagginess feeling which could be caused by this problem aswell, it would be wonderful to get an answer back as to whats wrong, thanks alot

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Monday, May 13th, 2013 AT 10:34 PM

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"Started funny" doesn't tell us anything. That can apply to a dozen different symptoms. Based on all the symptoms and observations, one thing all those systems have in common is system voltage. If the generator is not working the car will run on the battery until the voltage drops too far. I'd start by having the charging system professionally load-tested. You can also measure the battery voltage while the engine is running. It must be between 13.75 and 14.75 volts, but even if that is okay, a bad internal diode will reduce the generator's output current to exactly one third of its rating, and that's not enough to run the entire electrical system under all conditions.

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Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 AT 12:54 AM

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