1995 Pontiac Transport van

I bought this van 2 years ago and have had no problems with it except for an alternator, and fuel pump.

I took it out last Saturday and came home home and parked it where I live, in an elderly complex: it was working just fine.

The next day, mthere was no power from the battery, so I calledmy firend the next day, and together we jumped it froma cold stone dead battery! And when I went to kepp it running to keep the chage, it started dragging till I got going, then it ran fine until I came to a light or stop sign, then started really dragging no matter waht gear I put it in, except reverse, where it rons perfectly.

I suspect vandalism as I had no problems and this hapend while I slept, I add that becasue there is also no fluids leaking, and I checked the tranny fluid and added one quart, so tht was a little down, but still no leaking, no pinging or any noises.

I insert that I suspect vandalisma s we havemany mentally challenged younger ep;e livinghere with time on their hands and I have had my directional signal broken over and over among other things.

I also insert the problem so that it will be known that I was not driving along, just parked and it happened while I slept. The battery is now fine, but the power locks were going on and off while the battery was dead! I dont know if anyone has a remote contol that can cause this or waht, but it has been all wekk and the car turns over as good as it always did until last Sat.

I am on a very fixed income and have no idea how to pay for htis if it is a big problem I willmake a donation when my check comes in, untill then, I jsut need an idea of what I an possible do to get back on the road and be self sufficient, al my family livesout of town and out of state.

I do appreciate anything you can do or any thought s you may have or anyone living nearby that can help, thanks again, Doreen
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Friday, April 27th, 2007 AT 3:18 PM

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If the van has remote and you don't have a key fob, then you can tell by opening the glovebox.
Look up at the top of the glovebox, there is a module, and a small tiny switch that says "TRAIN" beside it. That module is the vehicles remote radio reciever. If you remove the glovebox you can unplug the module and then the key fob is disabled.
The only other way your getting the locks to function is if someone has a key, they can turn on the passenger and sometimes driver side, and hold the key to make the locks function. Unless there is some sort of wiring problem. I have seen wires can get pinched or frayed in the drivers or passenger side kick panels and under the carpets. Also where the wiring passes thru the rubber tube in either driver or passenger door into the kick panel can become frayed and it could be shorting out, causing the lock/unlock relays to go bonkers.
What happens is over the years, the constant opening closing of the doors, causes the wire(s) to break and then if they are badly damaged they can fall against metal in the door, and cause the locks to malfunction. Another source of problem is the lock/unlock switches, that can get full of dirt and corrosion, and set themselves off. You can tell that by removing the switch and unplugging it. They simply pry out of the arm rest, and you can examine, replace or try cleaning them with contact spray, but if your not sure best to have a mechanic look at it.
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