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I have a 94 grand and it is runnnig rich. 112000 miles did a full tune up plugs wires, 02 sensor. Cleaned the trotlle body. Changed the coolant and thermoasat. The car was sitting for 3 years. Just bought it So fresh gas and fuel filter. Car wont idle right sems to serge and has a hesatation when pulling off. Put my scanner on her and no codes. But I see that the coolant temp senor is closed and never opens up even fully warmed up. Does any one think I damaged it when flushing the system out. , Maybe it got air bound and baked it. It is orginal. Seems like the computer is fight it self to lean out but then stalls. Before I did the tune up it ran great start right up touch the key. I even swap a tps from the bone yard still runs bad. Thanks bb


Tuesday, December 12th, 2006 AT 3:38 PM

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Well I did what you saids and it was fine.5 volts. Put car back on scanner. Things just didnt add up. 15 a/f ratio. Still smells rich. I said f it went back to basics and put that brand new scanner in the box and pulled out my vacum gauge and found thatI had super low vacum witch I alway suspected motor didnt reallly respond to any idle change removing vacum plug ect, the 1 egr selinod was stuck open. Scanner said off. I new no codes its mechanical.
Thans for your help Bobby

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Friday, December 15th, 2006 AT 6:50 AM

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