Pontiac Grand Am



February, 16, 2007 AT 8:15 AM

Well I Had a 1990 pontiac grand am 2.5 liter 172,000 miles just put a brand new cv axle in it and yesterday it had its last run... the car still starts and drives and im looking at how much it might cost to get drivable again i know its not easy sayin these things but maybe if i had a basic idea cuz this car means more to me than alot of things ever have... i had a head on collision with a big ass truck but its just the front thats messed up everything else is fine.. i know it would require alot of work but how much time and money do u think im lookin at??


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February, 16, 2007 AT 11:09 AM

I do not know what it would cost to repair but you should be able to find just about all the parts you need on line. Best bet to look is something like e bay
when you start taking the car apart you might l find that you might need some other little things like brackets. Sometimes even after a accident things can start to leak such as the radiator or the transmission cooler. With the help of a few friends and someplace to work on it and
after you have the parts. It probable take you at least 3 days to get it somewhat done. Good luck

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