2003 Pontiac Grand Am


v6 3.4 87,000 miles.

Was on a road trip, car started to overheat and knock a little, pulled over noticed my coolant was gone.

Refilled, noticed some water coming from the pulley area, didnt know if this was sloppy pouring or what, but when I went to turn on the heater to try and cool her down, no hot air.

Assumed it was the water pump, changed it and no difference. Filled it back up with water, bled the coolant valve on the top of the engine, it took some time to get a steady stream of water to flow, capped it off.

Drove 561 miles on it (had to get home) slight fluctuation between 190 and 205 the whole trip, but made it home.

Still loosing water, cant find the source (large guy, hard to get under the car to look). Slight stuttering on first start but after a few low idle revs it seems to go away. Oil looks normal, no discoloration or water/liquid like states.

When resevoir is full hot air fluctuates like so, 190-195 no hot air, 200-205 hot air but slowly cools down to the 190 where there is no hot air.

Changed water pump
Havent checked thermostat (why would it cause a leak?)

I fear the worse on this one. Bob, Ken, please give it to me gently.

Thank you.

Im not seeing where my coolant (water) is leaking at all, although the matting on the underside of my hood looks as if it is getting wet, there are moisture stains in the fabric.

I filled it up and bled it again, all the symptoms are the same:

Engine Heat stays between 190-205
I dont smell any exhaust in the car
I dont have (Spy Hunter) white smoke coming from anywhere.
I dont see any immediate areas where some leaking may occur.
I dont see any water or water mixture on the dipstick
I dont hear any loud or abnormal noises in the engine when it is running, except when I stop it, some bumping noises, slight thuds and bumps.

I bought a can of the Baars stop leak, but I am not going to use it just yet. A friend of mine said it may be a head gasket issue and that the Baars may solve it. I know its not a recommended remedy, thats why I am holding off on applying it.

I dont have the money to do a full on head gasket replacement, I cant even find any information on how to do it myself anyway. This job would be way above my mechanic abilities to fool with anyway.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 AT 12:18 PM

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Hey guy there are probably three things going on here, check the intake gaskets for a leak, if you stand on the drivers side of the car lean in and towards the firewall and look at the back head and lower down is the transmission, if you see coolant there its your lower intake leaking, my fear is you may have popped a head gasket also when I got hot and the substance on you hoo liner is probably from the water pump leak and it sounds like you need a thermostat, and dont ever use bars leaks that is the worst stuff it clogs your whole system up, if you need help repairing let me know, its not as bad as you think

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Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 AT 8:12 PM

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