1998 Pontiac Grand Am could this be a Master cylinder issue

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Brakes problem
1998 Pontiac Grand Am

Ive had the car for some time now and every once in a while the passenger side brake would grab harder than the rest, the dealer said not to worry as it has new pads and rotors, about a month ago while trying to stop the car acted like it was skidding on wet leaves grab let go grab let go grab let go, it didnt happen again so I thought it was a fluke and paid it no mind. This week however it has done it almost every time ive stopped the car, I have also noticed a clicking sound while its happening. I am female and do know a bit about cars and as always when I go to a shop I like to know exactly what to expect and also expect not to be taken advantage of because I am female and we arent supposed to have knowledge about cars, I however do know about cars but when it comes to brake I just know how to change the pads and rotors and have never had this type of an issue before

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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 AT 6:37 PM

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Did you install the pads and rotors yourself?

If so, then check caliper slide pins, they should move freely, if not remove caliper (not hose) and grease pins with water resistant grease.

Also check condition of brake fluid, if dark color, then it may be time to flush entire system.

If you had them installed, then go to installer and have them repair it, on their dime.

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Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 AT 7:55 AM

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