Where is the Evaporative Cannister Purge Solenoid in a 1997

First, I would like to thank the tech "Cly" for answering my first question on where to find the MAF and MAP. I tried to give feedback but it did not let me put in a Five Star rating and then I couldn't get back in. QUESTION: On a 97 Firebird, 3.8L. V6, automatic, where do I find and how do I replace the "Evaporative Cannister Purge Solenoid?" A different tech told another person who had a problem that this part was not allowing vapors to be purged from the system. I have the same problem with pressure building in the gas tank. Vapors hiss out when I take the gas cap off. Thank you.
PS QUESTION About the MAF: A mechanic said to remove and clean the MAF with "contact cleaner" like you get at Radio Shack, before deciding to replace it. (Never use brake cleaner or carburetor cleaner, they leave a film). Is there a cleaner that is made to spray right into the throttle body, while the car is running (to clean internal parts)? The MAF sits on the side of the throttle body, and I guess the whole throttle body would have to be removed to clean it well with contact cleaner (IE the sensor part that is in the path of the air flow). Thanks for your help.
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First off I'm glad I could help....

Ok for the location of that evap purge solenoid. You will find it right in front of the MAP sensor on the passanger side of the engine. I attatched a pic.


As for cleaning the Throttle body out I always use Carb Cleaner. It will not hurt anything in there. I would not do it on a hot engine as the carb cleaner is highly flamable. Sometimes I use a toothbrush and I hold the throttle plates open and clean off all the carbon from the plates and walls of the throttle body.(Do that with the motor off of course)

Hope this helps

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Wednesday, August 8th, 2007 AT 6:39 PM

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