1989 Pontiac Firebird Rough Idle


Engine Performance problem
1989 Pontiac Firebird V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 140000 miles

I had just bought a 1989 firebird formula 350 sounded good till I bought it and drove it home, it was sitting for a few years so I probly shouldnt have drove it home but I babyd it. I bought spark plugs, wire, air filter, pcv vale, fuel filter, oil filter, everything for a good tuneup. But before installing any of it I brought it over my gf's brother in law who is good with cars, it was idleing at about 1k rpm, and when I was driving it it seemd like if I didnt press on the gas a little the engine would hesitate a little. Also you can smell alot of gas when it is running. He tinkered with it a little and got it to idle around 500 but kept jumping a few hundred. Then he checked it with his thing idk what it is. Error cods like 13, 22, 33 came up. He told me to go out and buy a throttle postion sensor and a idle aie controll motor. Was wonderign what you guys think

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Monday, June 7th, 2010 AT 11:06 PM

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Engine running rough or misfiring can be cause by the following:

1. Defective spark plug
2. Inadequate spark/coil, defective spark plug wire.
3. Lack of compression
4. False air leakage.
5. Faulty fuel injectors.
6. Insufficient fuel pressure.
7. Contaminated fuel.
8. EGR valve that is leaking.
9. Oxygen sensors.
10. Throttle position sensor.
11. Idle air control valve.

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Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 AT 2:00 AM

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