1988 Pontiac Fiero Check engine light

UPDATE: Computer problem solved, even though the fuse looked good I put in a new one and the car runs fine. However, today I failed the smog test because NOx was to high, all the other numbers lookg really good. My understanding of " NOx {" is caused by high engine temps, something my car does not have, it runs cool. Some say the EGR system prevents "NOx " by returning exhuast back into the intake manafold. Is the EGR the only thing that can lower the " NOx " numbers?
Computer problem
1988 Pontiac Fiero 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 70,000 miles

I have an 1988 fiero Mera and I was conecting my scantool to aldl to check out the sensors and to see if there were any codes present. While I was loking at the data I was suprised to see that the car was in open loop, it had been driven and engine was a operating tempreture. Anyway I disconnected the scantool then reconnected it to see if it was still in open loop with the key in the on position. In doing so I noticed that the check engine light did not come on, and when you turn the ignitiong switch on the Check engine light is supposed to come on until the engine starts. Now the car will not start. Just before this happened, I had pulled the ECM fuseto clear any codes that were stored. Thewre ewas one code, 35 IAC, but I had adjusted the idle screw the day before, so I expected that code to be there. Anyway I checked the fuse to the ECM and it appears to be ok. The check engine light does not light up when I turn the ignitiong switch on. I was thinking maybe the bulb blew or the printed circut might have failed, My next thought was the ECM might have burn out. The car is in great running condition everything is working fine I was supose to get it smoged tomorrow. I have no clue as to what went wriong with the check engine light. Could the scantool caused a problem? Please help, Help me fix this and I'll gladly pay you, no problem
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To pass test change your oil and oil filter, maybe air filter. Then drive on eway for about 10 miles or so then take it in to test. It will probably pass. And NOx is usually not engough air into the exaust system so if you have your air pump disconnected reconnect it, if you have one.
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