2000 Pontiac Bonneville



October, 19, 2009 AT 9:21 AM

Computer problem
2000 Pontiac Bonneville 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 149000 miles

My car just stopped running. When I try to start the car the gages don't run through the initial self test. They just power up and don't move. When I turn the key to start it looks normal but the car won't fire. When I allow the key to return to the run position the gages then go through a self test. I checked the fuel rail there is no fuel pressure. The fuel pump is not running. I would be inclined to change the fuel pump after testing it but I feel, like this is not a fuel pump problem because the gages don't seem to be acting right. Could this be a PCM problem?

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October, 19, 2009 AT 9:47 AM

Welcome to the forum. I'd check for voltage at the fuel pump relay circuits, engine cranking. Terminal 30 should be hot all the time. Terminal 85 goes hot with engine cranking. The relay should be located in rear fuse box. Also, when you turn the key on, no crank, if something doesn't seem right, check for ref voltage at one of the engine sensors, which ever one is easy to get at, doesn't matter, if the ref voltage is present, maybe computer is awake?

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