2000 Pontiac Bonneville



October, 20, 2010 AT 3:09 PM

Computer problem
2000 Pontiac Bonneville 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

I cannot find the location of the ECM on my 2000 Pontiac Bonneville. I have checked right and left kick plates, under the dash, behind the glove box, behind the ABS computer and other locations. I have followed a large wiring harness under the passenger seat, however, before completely taking apart the interior I would like to know if this is in face where the ecm is located. You guys are great and have some excellent tips and knowledge.
Thank You.

2 Answers



October, 20, 2010 AT 3:18 PM

It's in left front of the engine compartment, in the air cleaner housing.



October, 20, 2010 AT 3:21 PM

Yea they hid that puppy in air cleaner housing

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