2001 Pontiac Aztek



October, 20, 2009 AT 8:36 PM

Computer problem
2001 Pontiac Aztek 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 89000 miles

Can you replace the body control module from one aztek to another. I know that it would have to be programmed for all of the functions on the new vehicle. But iis it possible to take one from a car recycling center and put it in another.


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October, 20, 2009 AT 10:34 PM

Yes you can replace with a used module of same make / model vehicle but it will indeed need reprogrammed.



April, 17, 2010 AT 4:51 PM

You CAN get one out of another Aztek, so long as it's got the same options and such. If you get one out of a " base model" Aztek and yours is " fully loaded, " some of your options may not work. YOU CANNOT REPROGRAM these modules. I've replaced one in my wife's 2001 Aztek. Best option: Do a search online, buy a NEW ONE and take it to an auto repair shop you TRUST. They MUST " pull" the information from the old BCM to program the new, " blank" BCM. DO NOT buy a " refurbished" BCM. The auto shop I took mine to allowed me to remove my old BCM and install the new one for them to program. I spent $250 total for parts and programming. Most dealerships will charge $300 for the BCM plus labor to replace. Most independent shops around me will do the job start to finish for $500.

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