2000 Plymouth Voyager 41TE/A604 Transmission Rebuilt - Now

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 120,000 MILES
I just finished rebuilding a 41te (A604) transmission on a 2000 voyager. I put it back in the car, hooked everything back up. It has issues.


So the clicking noise WAS low fluid. I added 2 more quarts and it was gone instantaneously. Maybe it was something else, but it stopped. BUT another issue now.

After it started up, I had the wheels off the ground, shifted through all gears, ran about 20-25 slow accels from 0-50 and then a slow stop. Then dropped it, and took it for a test drive to the local tranny shop to get the TCM reset. It ran smooth. 1/2 way there (its about 7 miles away), the shifting starts acting funny (almost a neutral on 3rd, or slipping, or long shift delay, then went to limp). I stopped and got a code readout, and showed gear 3 ratio and reverse ratio incorrect. I reset it. When I got to the shop did another readout and now just gear 3 ratio. The tech came out and used the TCM reader to reset, letting him know what happened. The TCM wouldnt quick reset since it was reporting the trans was too hot.

I've read similar problems happen when the trans goes into a superhot mode (no 4th, delay from 2nd to 3rd). Could the cooling lines to the radiator be reversed (pic in the manual doesnt really show!)?

My concern is that it worked for a few miles and then went bad. Could some residual dirty fluid in the torque converter pass through and get into the solenoid body and clog it up causing the issue? Cooling issue? Any ideas?

The parking level is messed up too, doesnt seem to latch. I will be removing the pan and valve body to see what is going on. I think when installing the valve body, the rod that goes into the lever fell out (I made sure it was in at first but had to pop the valve body out again to double check another part). It makes a heavy vibration when in park and starts rolling (vibration while rolling). That should be a fairly easy fix.

By the way, this is my 2nd rebuild, the first being on a 2000 Intrepid (42LE, A606 trans). Very similar transmission.

I really appreciate the help. I'll be back at it on Saturday to figure it out. I want to avoid pull the trans back out. It is a pain to put back in!

EDIT 2 :(
My buddy just called me. He drove it a mile to work in limp mode. Reverse doesnt work anymore.
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Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 AT 9:17 AM

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Well, I take it, this is your first trans rebuild. My first thought is a seal on the main shaft is either missing or was damaged during assembly. When you first start a rebuilt trans, they will pump fluid to where it needs to go by just running it through the gears, so I doubt if it's a low fluid problem. Tell me about any problems you had on re-assembly that you can remember and we can go from there.
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Thursday, March 12th, 2009 AT 1:36 AM

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