Problems tuning up 71 Duster

  • 1971 PLYMOUTH
I have a 71 Plymouth Duster with 225 cu inch slant 6 engine with 62K orignal miles. I just put a rebuilt carburetor, new plugs, points, condenser, wires, rotor, and distributor cap. I used a Dwell meter to set the points. They are set to Dwell Specs (without to Distributor Cap on). When I start the car, the Dwell changes from what is was with the Distributor cap off while setting points. It runs okay and I have the idle set to 750 to 800. However when I set the timing, I cannot adjust the distributor enough to get to TDC. The best I been able to do is have the timing a little advanced of TDC. First time I have had these problems. I guess I have three questions and looking for suggestions to remedy.

Is it normal for Dwell to be different with Distributor Cap off versus when Car is on?

Next question, what is causing me to run out of adjustment on Distributor adjuster (slide adjuster). I can not get back to TDC?

The car is running fairly good like this, is there a problem running with the timing advanced (will I overheat or something else)?
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Saturday, July 14th, 2007 AT 8:54 PM

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HI DUSTY. I had a `79 Dodge Van with that same problem. I finally found out, it was the NYLON Gear that the Points Ride On. It was just a bit worn in one spot, just enough to throw off the Point Gap & Dwell. Also- You might want to Wiggle the Distributor Shaft back & forth. If there`s just a little slop, that could be Your problem as well. Time to REPLACE the Distributor ! Check Yours out. GOOD LUCK, wolf1961
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Saturday, March 7th, 2009 AT 3:54 PM

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