Oldsmobile running rough

I own an 1988 olds 88 series with a 3800 engine. The car has 275000km on it but is generaly quite reliable. The 8th vin is c. I don't put many km /year on it (50,000 over 5 years but is used daily) I have changed the air filter, fuel filter, pcv valve yesterday, I put a bottle of injector cleaner in, and replaced a section of return fuel line that had a crack. About a year ago I changed the oxygen sensor, coil, crank angle sensor, plugs, wires( plugs and wires are good quality ones) ( I have not pulled the plugs yet as I figure they are not old)

Heres my problem, a week ago I noticed the car was taking a little bit longer to start but not enough to wory about. Three days ago the car while slowing down to a stop started to run realy rough and hesitate while I hit the gas. I would do this a little spuraticaly then and now it runs rough all the time. It stalled once while ideling and feels like it wants to constantly. The car has never presented a code either. The exhaust smells but is relatively clear.

When I changed the fuel filter and then started the car I was surprised that the car started as quickly as it did( since the filter and lines were empty) so I am assubing the pump/sender unit is fine.

I am capable of fixing most issues but I am laking specialty tools and knowledge for diagnosing problem.

What else can it be? Can dirty injectors cause it to suddenly start running rough?
ps. With a screw driver to each injector I can here them operating.

I am on a tight budget and realy relly on the car so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Update, Today I added a bottle of gas anti freeze and last night I checked the wires and plugs. This morning I took the car out for a run and it was still rough, it ran for about 15 min stalled once and got me home. About an hour later I took it out again, this time it ran fine for about 10 minutes, I put it in park then back into drive and I am back to a rough drive and idol.

As per Ras's responce what vacume lines should I be checking, what I can see seem fine. The egr is one with 3 solenoids, how can I test it?
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Sunday, March 4th, 2007 AT 5:35 PM

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Check for a vacuum leak and inspect the EGR valve it might be ajarred causing the problem
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Monday, March 5th, 2007 AT 3:44 AM

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