98 OLDS Cutlass, V6 88K Miles Vibration over 20 MPH

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I was taking a business trip and just before I arrived at my destination, there began a slight vibration/vibrating noise coming from the front wheels, It feels more that it's happening on the drivers side then any other. My first thought was the CV joint, I checked both sides and could not see any signs of a problem. The Noise/vibration only happens when you accelerate above 20 MPH and gets high pitched and louder the faster you go. I've been driving it still for 4 days since, (the only mode of transportation I had) Overall, theres no performance issue the car runs and idles fine, and I haven't noticed any other problems relating to this.

There is also another issue I have with the A/C. When it's on it works great and blows cold. But the problem is keeping it on. I think there might be a short in the switch. The light on the actual A/C Button will blink on and off and the A/C will power on anf off as well. If I hold the button down it'll stay on, but when I let go, it'll switch off again. Not sure if it actually is a short or it's eomthing in the A/C it self. Any help on either of the problems would be very helpful. Thanks!

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Saturday, July 28th, 2007 AT 4:12 PM

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If it started all of a sudden it could be a broke belt in the driver's side tire, bad tie rod on driver's side bad wheel bearing d/side. Have you jacked d/side front tire up and try to shake the tire to see if it will shake sideways or top to bottom. Usually a c/v joint will cluck when you make a turn. Usually a wheel bearing will make a noise when you turn and put a load on it. A tie rod will let the tire shake side to side as it rolls which will cause a vibration in the steering wheel. It also could be a hanging disc pad caused by a bad caliper. Just check it by jacking it up. But don't get under it with only the jack holding it up. Also one more thing have you recently had a tire put on d/side, if so check the lug nuts to be sure they are tight.

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Monday, July 30th, 2007 AT 2:20 AM

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