1995 Oldsmobile Aurora Ignition switch returns too far &

  • V8
  • FWD
  • 118,000 MILES
I recently had my mechanic replace my ignition assembly (aftermarket). It worked okay for 3 or 4 days. Now when I start the car and release the key, the ignition switch recoils too far back causing the motor to shut off. I have removed all the panels inhibiting access to the ignition components and steering column. I have removed and reinstalled the ingition/key assembly and there is no improvement. TI confirmed that there are no springs or tensioners within the switch. I can't figure out how to access the spring/return mechanizm to diagnose this problem. The screw which holds the wiring harnes to the ignition assembly on the left side of the steering column is held on by 2 screws with inverse star bit heads and no one seems to have a tool to remove them. Do I need to remove this coupling to access the recoil mechanizm? Am I wasting my time? Please help.
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Removal & Installation
Remove upper and lower covers. See UPPER & LOWER COVERS . Disconnect steering column electrical connector. Remove 2 wiring harness straps securing steering column wiring harness. Disconnect steering column electrical connector from vehicle wiring harness. Remove ignition switch harness from wiring harness strap.
Disconnect Gray and Black turn signal and multifunction switch connectors from column connector. Remove mounting screws and ignition switch assembly. To install, reverse removal procedure. Tighten ignition switch mounting screws to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS .
Removal & Installation (Lock Cylinder)
Remove upper cover. See UPPER & LOWER COVERS . On floor shift models, remove pivot and pulse switch for access to PASS-Key II(R) wiring. See PIVOT & PULSE SWITCH . On all models, turn lock cylinder to RUN position. Press locking button on back of bearing and housing assembly. Remove lock cylinder and let it hang free. Remove lock preload spring.
Disconnect steering column electrical connector. Disconnect Gray turn signal switch connector from column connector. Remove 17-way secondary lock. Disconnect pass key terminals (if equipped) from cavities No. 16 and 17. Remove pass key wiring harness from wiring harness straps. Remove wiring protector and lock cylinder.
To install, ensure sector is in RUN position. With key in lock cylinder, align locking tab with housing and press into position. Install lock preload spring. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure.
Removal (Ignition Lock Actuator & Lock Bolt)
Remove lock cylinder, and let it hang free. PASS-Key II(R) wiring does not need to be removed. Using needle-nose pliers, remove ignition lock actuator from upper housing assembly.
Remove lower cover. See UPPER & LOWER COVERS . Remove SIR coil assembly. See AIR BAG RESTRAINT SYSTEM article. Using Lock Plate Compressor (J-23653-SIR), push down shaft lock and remove shaft lock retaining ring. Discard retaining ring. Remove shaft lock. Remove 2 screws and lock bolt support bracket. Remove lock bolt.
Install lock bolt. When installing lock bolt support bracket, tighten upper screw first. Tighten lock bolt support bracket screws to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS .
To install shaft lock, align inner block tooth of lock plate to block tooth of steering shaft assembly (non-tilt column) or to block tooth of race and upper shaft assembly (tilt column). Lubricate with synthetic grease. Using Lock Plate Compressor (J-23653-SIR), push down shaft lock and install NEW retaining ring. Ensure retaining ring is firmly seated in groove on shaft.
To install ignition lock actuator, ensure lock bolt is flush with support bracket. Insert lock actuator into upper housing. Rotate actuator counterclockwise until it pushes out lock bolt and actuator seats into housing assembly. Rotate actuator clockwise to RUN position. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure.



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