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I'm in the middle of dispute between my local Chevrolet and Jiffy Lube. I got my oil changed by Jiffy in April, and my car sprung a leak almost exactly a month later, right after memorial day.

AAA's tower gave it a quick glance, said he saw nothing wrong with the engine, and that it was possible "someone didn't put something back on right"

Chevrolet gave it a diagnostic and said someone didn't re-install my oil filter correctly, and asked me who I went to for my last oil change.

So I went to Jiffy Lube for a reimbursement, and Jiffy Lube said they wanted to see the car for themselves. Now they're bringing up a new problem, saying my oil filter housing is loose and has a minor leak, and that's why the oil filter began to leak so badly. And they're warning me it will happen again if I don't get it fixed.

But Chevrolet, after I called again, says that excuse is nonsense and that Jiffy Lube simply messed up the oil change. I'm planning to take it to Car Max eventually, but I just wanted to know whose analysis makes the most sense about what's wrong with my car.
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Thursday, June 13th, 2019 AT 7:02 AM

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Good morning,

You have too many people involved in this issue.

The fact it took a month to start leaking tells me Jiffy lube did nothing wrong. If they did, you would have had a leak right after the change, not a month after the repair.

The dealer will always point fingers at private shops as they believe there is no one better than them. Jiffy Lube said the adapter is loose. Did they tighten it up for you? I attached a picture and it has 4 bolts that hold it tight.

The more people you get involved will just give you more opinions.

I would just get this fixed before it turns into a major issue.

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Thursday, June 13th, 2019 AT 7:24 AM

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