1998 Honda Accord



May, 26, 2013 AT 6:28 PM

Got a 1998 honda accord has transmition problem & also with exhaust gas scanner gives me several codes po304, po135, po401, po740, po730, & p1399, p1739 can you please descripe this code to me & if those repairs can be made without leaving my car in the shop in other words can I do it myself.

1 Answer



May, 27, 2013 AT 6:03 AM

Check the battery for condition and load test first. Code304 and 1399 mean a random misfire so check for badigniton problem/compression or fuel delivery. 401 is egr so check for plugged egr, bad valve etc. 730 &740 are trans shift control and tcc lockup have a trans guy look at that it may be valve body, bad trans etc. 1739 is trasn problem with 3rd gear clutches. So will have to be rebuilt. Not everyone is out to rip people off to fix their cars. Just the news people like to make you think that. There are more honest mechanics than bad ones.

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