2000 Nissan Maxima



April, 10, 2008 AT 3:45 AM

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2000 Nissan Maxima 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 15000 miles

Often when I turn the car on it starts to shake, some times just a little bit but some times its very strong. Usually, as soon as I start accelerating the shaking stops but recently when I accelerate, the engine does not seem to respond correctly and you can feel a lack of power, some times the acceleration pad itself feels like its shaking! When I bought the car, it took 1500rpms to change to 1st-2nd gear which I think is the normal rate but NOW it takes around 3000rpms to change to 1st gear! The car was serviced just before we bought it.


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Service Writer

April, 10, 2008 AT 6:04 AM

Sounds like a misfire is happening. First two things I would want to check is to make sure the fuel pressure is in spec, there is good spark to the cylinders.

HAs the Check engine light been on? Does it come on when you first start the car and go off? Were codes checked in the computer?

Is that 15,000 or 150,000 miles?


Service Writer

April, 11, 2008 AT 6:07 AM

A misfire is when one or more of the components are missing to make combustion. That is spark, fuel or compression in the most basic terms.

The computer, (Powertrain Control Module) will store faults. IF the fault is bad enough it will set a code. A scanner is needed ito check them.

Autozone can check them for free, but they can not diagnose them. IF you have them checked , we may have a little more to work with. You can buy a code reader also.

I'm not sure if there are two problem happening on this or not.

The shaking at idle while in park gives the impression of a misfire. With that stopping when you put it in gear and driving is odd, then the shifting so high begins to sound like transmission related.

The codes may help greatly on this.



April, 11, 2008 AT 8:10 PM

Sorry I didn't explain the problem properly. The car always stops shaking as soon as I put it in P. As soon as I put it in Drive it starts to shake but that's only when I am stopped, as soon as I move the car the shaking stops except for a few times when the shaking continues.

Once, I turned the car on and the shaking was really bad so I started changing gears (while stopped) for about 5 minutes then surprisingly the shaking stopped completely. Remember, the shaking occurs some times not always.


Service Writer

April, 12, 2008 AT 4:34 AM

Okay, Sounds like the torque converter may be trying to engage is one possiblility. When was the fluid last changed? Unless it was done just recently, I would pick up 10 quarts of Dextron III, drain the transmision and refill it. IT may not take all 10, but you don't want to be stuck with out enough. The capacity calls for 10 quarts.

I would also check the boot on the intake to make sure there are no cracks when the car is put into drive. The movement of the engine may be forcing something away or onto something else causing a performance issue.

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