My Nissan 300ZX needs help!

  • 1930 NISSAN 300ZX
Last year I bought a 93 nissan 300zx 2+2, it just hit 131,000 miles. Last month the alternater suddenly went out, so I got a new one and my dad put it in. Ever since the new alternater it has been running pretty rough, and it has a terrible screech when I start it and sometime when I drive it. What should I do to fix this. There's another problem too, when I put my foot on the gas the headlights brighten and the heating/air cond unit and radio goes completely off then when I brake to about 1000 rpms it comes back on and the headlights dim. I've checked all the fuses and the battery. What do you think the problem is?
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Friday, February 23rd, 2007 AT 1:08 AM

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Heh heh he.U happen to be lucky. Cuz we pretty much work on 1/2 of the Z cars for the Z club of Houston and the houston area. But ur problem is not a pattern of failure in Z32. The screeching noise. Is probably ur belts are either old
with cracks or toohard. Probably u tighten it too much or too loose. I know the Z32 is pretty hard to get to the back of the alternator for a complete
power/ground and load chk on current under a load. Take it to a shop with a battery, charger, starter
diagnose machine and evaluate the condition of ur alternator. Also. Nissan obd1 ECM see battery voltage and just it as reference for the fuel pump pressure volume adjusment. Thats probably cause ur driveability problem.90's 300ZX is not a car u can work on it from ur house. Even my mechanics who owns 1 bring their car back to the shop for repairs. Good luck man
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Friday, February 23rd, 2007 AT 3:56 AM

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