January, 16, 2007 AT 9:30 PM

Hey Guys!

Just wondering if a $7 dollar bottle of Chevron w/Techron Fuel Injector (maybe called Fuel System Cleaner) used every 3,000 miles actually works or is just a waste of money.


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Service Writer

January, 17, 2007 AT 1:06 AM

It isn't cost effective. the additives for fuel injection cleaning are more for minor cleaning that a high quality gas such as mobil would prevent anyway. It won't hurt it. As opposed to that , I would recommend a professional fuel injection cleaning that entails disabling the fuel pump and running the engine directly off of the cleaner. Another good service to perform is an air induction service to remove carbon.

and on the piston head will get dry from the heat of combustion. When this carbon dries it will act like a sponge, sucking the fuel into it as it enters the combustion chamber. Anyways, try this as good maintenance:
Try what I call an air induction service.
I like to use castle hydroblast. You spray it into a vacuum line such as the brake booster line if nothing else is accessible. Full spray for 3 minutes, stall the engine with it or have someone kill it while your spraying. Let it set for a few hours then take for a short drive in low gear, revving the rpms to help break it up. First use Castle cleansrite to clean the throttle bore. Try to get the throttle plates scrubbed good with a brush, while your spraying. Use a rag to wipe the carbon out between brushings. Seafoam is another good product, but smokes a lot.

IF you can't find Castle, here is my rep's email:



January, 17, 2007 AT 1:22 AM

Thanks again for the detailed answer. I actually just had a rather expensive (at the dealer) fuel injection cleaning and wanted to keep things clean from here on out without having to do the process again by the next tune-up.

Maybe I'll just shell out a few more cents per gallon and stick to better quality gas from now on and thus hopefully avoid the build up.

Once again, great site. THANK YOU!


Service Writer

January, 17, 2007 AT 1:28 AM

I am at an independent garage. We charge about $80.00 for the service. I recommend it to my customer's every 60,000 miles regardless of the fill up location. : )

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