1997 Mitsubishi Mirage window motor has caused electrical f

Electrical problem
1997 Mitsubishi Mirage Two Wheel Drive Automatic


I had a bad window motor/regulator. The window could not go up or down - this made it impossible to disconnect the window from the track as it needs to be either fully up or down for access to the screws.

There was a switch in the window as well, which was connected to the tension of the window regulator cable. I guess this was there to stop the motor if the cable tension was too high. I disconnected the tension switch and pressed the window up button for 1 second. I was just looking for the motor to nudge the window a tiny bit higher so I could access the window screws. My thinking at the time was that it may damage the motor (which I was going to replace anyway) so it should be fine. Once I tried to raise the window (pressing for 1 second only) the radio stopped playing, and I started to get worried.

The car will no longer start. If I put the ignition to ON, lights on the dash come up fine - with no warnings, but when I turn the key for it to start- there is no noise or effort, it is not even trying to start. Sometimes (seemly randomly/mostly occurs when going from ignition ON to OFF) there is a switching noise (sounds like a relay), repeatedly going on-off for 5 seconds. This comes from the inside, above the drivers pedals.

I am suprised that the window motor could stop the car from starting (surely the window motors are fused?), But this seems to be the case.

Currently it looks like this is some form of electrical failure - most electrical things no longer work at all (wipers, other windows, radio, etc.).

I have tested the fuses and they are fine.

Any suggestions would be very welcome - I don't have access to a scan tool, but I may try to get a car electrics mechanic out to it during the week. The fact it cant start makes it more difficult to get to a garage!

Many thanks in advance :)
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Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 AT 6:04 AM

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Hi _peter_,

Thank you for the donation.

Seems a power supply interruption has caused the problem.

At the igniton switch, check for battery voltage at the Blue/Black and Black/Yellow wire with ignition switch turned to START (cranking engine).

If voltage is not available, you have a bad ignition switch.
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Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 AT 9:42 AM

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