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2000 Mitsubishi Galant 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 200000 miles

How hard is to replace the Exhaust Manifold for Mitsubishi Galant 2000 V6 ES. I found that Exhaust Manifold is broken and has bought a new one from the Mitsubishi Dealer. Can I replace it by myself(iit seems to be very easy)? If yes, then is there anything that I need to look for while removing and replacing the part. Or should I take it to a Auto repair technician to do that. Thanks

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1.Disconnect battery negative cable.
2.Raise the vehicle and support safely.
3.Remove the exhaust pipe to exhaust manifold nuts and separate exhaust pipe. Discard gasket.
4.Lower vehicle.
5.Remove electric cooling fan assembly, if necessary.
6.If the oxygen sensor is located in the manifold, remove the sensor.
7.Disconnect necessary EGR components.
8.Remove outer exhaust manifold heat shield and engine hanger. Detach the electrical connector and remove the oxygen sensor.
9.Remove the exhaust manifold mounting bolts, the inner heat shield and the exhaust manifold.

To install:

10.Clean all gasket material from the mating surfaces and check the manifold for damage.
11.Using a new gasket, install the manifold. For 1.5L engines, tighten the nuts in a crisscross pattern to 13 ft. lbs. (18 Nm). For 1.8L engines, tighten the inner nuts in a crisscross pattern to 13 ft. lbs. (18 Nm) and tighten the two outer (larger) nuts to 22 ft. lbs. (30 Nm).
12.Install the heat shields.
13.Connect EGR components.
14.If removed, install the oxygen sensor.
15.Install the electric cooling fan assembly as required.
16.Install a new flange gasket and connect the exhaust pipe.
17.Connect the negative battery cable and check for exhaust leaks.

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