1999 Mercury Sable



March, 2, 2007 AT 11:23 PM

Question: 1999 Mercury Sable mileage: 77,000. My interior lights and the " door ajar" light is on all the time while I‘m driving. The Dome light will stay on 30-40 minutes after the car is turned off. In addition, the drive’s door will not lock or unlock by the power lock system. I am guessing these problems are tied in together. The doors are not ajar, so I’m thinking there is something wrong with the sensor. Please help. Thanks.

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March, 2, 2007 AT 11:34 PM

Hi, the two problems may not be related, the door ajar switch is faulty, it is actually in the door latch assembly, the lock problem may be a door lock actuator inside the door panel, usually you can hear it if you listen close but it will not move the lock

thanks jim

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