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HI, my name is Susie I have a 2000 mercury cougar. 120,000 miles and V6 is it 2.5? It is having issues for one the sunroof has not worked for awhile. I have checked the fuse and it looks ok the one for the cigarette lighter was burnt though. Anyhow there is no power to the window but all the other windows work. Also the lights blink when you step on the brake at night not totally but they dim n brighten.
About 2 weeks ago it lost power on my way to walmart and the radio was going on n off when I tried to restart it it just made a clicking noise so I got a jump and then we replaced the battery. So ok it starts all the time now but it still dies when you come to a stop not all the time but enough times. Now the check engine light is on and the other day my temp gauge was going up too. When we were having the battery problem the gauges would like surge all the way to the top and then come back down to zero. Like I said its going whacky ! Can you help? Thanx Susie
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Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 AT 7:54 PM

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Hi Susie, What I would do is to have the charging system checked. That is what could have caused the problem in the first place. You can get it checked free at any local auto parts store most are able to check it. About the sunroof, use a test light and check the fuses or use a fuse tester, Available at wal mart.
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Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 AT 8:11 PM

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